Healing Point Groups offer the opportunity for biblical community through Bible Study, fellowship, communion and prayer. Our hope is for you to be surrounded by men and women you can openly share the joys and struggles of life with as we pursue Christ together. We have seen first-hand how lives are transformed when people meet together for the purpose of connecting relationally and growing spiritually. Regardless of your age, stage, or even location, we have a place for you!

Groups are designed to connect people with one another and the Lord. Our model for small group ministry is the early church. The book of Acts records the tremendous growth of the first church in Jerusalem. Small group meetings in homes were the foundation of the early church.

Scripture: Acts 5:42

At Healing Point Church, we want to actively connect people around us to God and to His people. We want each of God’s people here to grow in their knowledge and love of God as they serve Him in the church and our community. In a large church family like ours, imagine what it would be like if no one served. God gives each of us the ability to meet the needs of others and we are each created with spiritual gifts which are to be used to serve others. Even if it only seems like a small role, every person, every volunteer, plays a vital role in the body and life of our church.

We offer a variety of ways through our One Team for you to serve both locally and internationally. We encourage all members to start by serving on One Team within the church. This will help you find your place and help you discover where your passion and spiritual gifts can be used in our city and in our world.

Scripture: Mark 10:45 | I Corinthians 12


Once we have committed our lives to Christ, the Bible commands us to signify that commitment through baptism. Baptism allows us to, first and foremost, identify with Christ and, secondly, with the local body of believers.

Water Baptism says, “I want to live for Jesus and not just for myself!” If you have given your life to Christ and you haven’t been water baptized, we want to encourage you to get water baptized. This is a huge step in your walk with Christ, and we’d love to celebrate it with you! 

What is the meaning of baptism?
It illustrates Christ’s burial and resurrection. [Colossians 2:12]

Who should be baptized?
Every person who believes in Christ as their personal Lord and Savior. [Acts 2:41 | Acts 8:12]

Why should I be baptized?
To signify that you have received new life through Christ. [Romans 6:4]
To follow the example set by Christ. [Mark 1:9]
Christ calls us to be baptized. [Matthew 28:19]

Why should I be baptized by immersion?
Christ was baptized by immersion, therefore, we should be also. [Matthew 3:16]
Every baptism in the Bible was by immersion. ‘Baptizo’ in Greek literally translates to: immerse or dip under water.


This part of our growth track is under construction but you can still contact us to find out more information!

Romans 12:6 NLT
God has given us different gifts for doing certain things well…

Romans 12:8 NLT
If God has given you leadership ability, take that responsibility seriously.

Here at HPC we take leadership seriously. Based on Romans 12, we know that the ability to lead is a gift from God. It may be that you realized that you had a leadership gift in one of our Healing Point Life classes. Maybe leadership is something that has always come naturally to you, or it could be that another leader in the church recognizes your leadership ability. Whatever the case may be, we want to help. If you would like more info on developing your leadership ability and finding out more information on how you can be involved in leadership at Healing Point Church, let us know.


Above all else, Salvation will always be the first step. Nothing else matters if you do not have a life in Christ. This is the easiest and most fulfilling step you can take. Here at Healing Point, our number-one goal for everyone is the gift of salvation.

Salvation is a gift from God to man. Man can never atone (or make up) for his sin by self-improvement nor can he earn his salvation through good works. Only by trusting in Jesus Christ can man be saved from the penalty of sin which is eternal separation from God. Everlasting life and fellowship with God begins the moment you receive Jesus Christ into your life by repenting of your sins and confessing your faith.

Scripture: John 14:6 | Acts 4:11-12 | 2 Corinthians 5:17 | Matthew 16:25

Healing Point Church


The motto of Healing Point, “strengthening people for life,” is not simply a catch phrase or marketing technique. It is the heartbeat behind everything we do and our commitment to everyone we come in contact with. To live this way means to strengthen others through the encouragement of Christ.

Our membership class is for you to learn more about who we are and where we came from. It is also a time for you to discover where your place is here and we give you the opportunity to join our family and team!

Your decision to join Healing Point Church is very important to God. After all, He doesn’t call us to just attend the church of our choice but to discover and embrace the church of His choice.

Scripture: Ephesians 2:19

…you are a member of God’s very own family… and you belong in God’s household with every other Christian.

Every family has their own unique history and stories. We want to tell you about our history and some of the stories that capture who we are as a church, because becoming a member of Healing Point Church means that you are now adding to the Healing Point story.